All you need to know about security cameras

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All you need to know about security cameras

Before buying security cameras, you must have complete knowledge regarding the security cameras.

So, here is the some of the important information regarding the security cameras

Introduction: There are many options of cameras that are available in the market these days which are wired type, wireless type, long cameras, short cameras, cameras which are useful in recording black and white images and much more.

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So, what are wireless cameras?

The wireless cameras are easily operated on lithium battery, the battery life of such type of cameras is great. They store videos in the form of the images. They does not require Ethernet cables to record videos and the images are sent through the medium of air.

What are analog surveillance cameras?

They are heavy weight type of security cameras. These cameras do not uses Ethernet cables, but uses composite wires to operate. The analog cameras are the older type of security cameras. These type of cameras requires so much time to complete their installation process. They quality of videos that are recorded by the cameras are of fine quality.

What are IP or network surveillance cameras?

As from the name, it is clear that these cameras work on the internet. These cameras can easily sends videos to the internet using the web browser, but they require the internet connection or the connection to the router for working.

These cameras can be easily accessed through the applications like Smartcam login which can be installed on smart phones or on tablets.

Cost of the Cameras

The IP type of cameras are quite costly as compare to the other type of security cameras. The reason behind this is their features like they can be easily operated through the apps and the quality of the videos which are recorded by such cameras. The IP cameras can record videos from long distance which is also the reason that they are costly in nature.

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